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Rese Jhordan

My music is a reflection of the cultural, social, economic and racial roller coaster I have been on my whole life. I am from the inner city and the small town at the same exact time. I spent school years in Canton and Akron and summers in a small town called Newark. I saw the harsh realities in the city and the carefree life of a small town where everyone knows each other. My life in music was shaped by both environments equally. Growing up the backdrop was that soul sound from Ohio pioneered by groups like The Ohio Players, Slave, Roger Troutman and many more. In the city it was hip-hop and soul classics. In the small town it was everything that came on MTV while waiting for Michael Jackson and Prince to come on. My Grandfather who is from Alabama was a big fan of country which we hated but he was also 6’6 and three hundred pounds so we didn’t argue. My uncle Jamie Starr put me on to Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and other rock.

A friend of mine named Dan Phillips gave me a guitar at a pivotal point. I was making a transition from one life to another and I poured myself into music.

So now I want to leave my little mark on music. I want to make music that always has a message and a groove. Check me out, listen to the words, tell someone of you dig it!