Sell Out or Nah???

I have been a performer in my area for a while now. I am not working to put together a project and capture my sound. I want to say what I have to say in the songs. I am socially conscious and I always want to have a message in my music, BUT how do we do this in today's times. I feel like attention spans are shorter and shorter, are we supposed to be saying something with the music or just saying what people want to hear. It's near impossible for me to write and record songs that don't feel good to me. Like I have captured a message and the groove I long for. Do other artist struggle with this? Or should I go the way of cliche, watered down basic songs that can capture the attention of as many people as possible? I don't know, being another face in the Sea of Names feels wrong. Maybe I make what I want to make and only be heard by a few. OR I go the commercial route and hope to get something that goes viral or gets into a movie, series, or commercial.... It's one heck of a crossroads to be stuck at... I guess we will see!

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