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12/10 Friday Buckeye Lake Winery 6:30 Pm

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Rese Jhordan Acoustic

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Acoustic - Country - Soul - Hip-Hop - Rock  and Pop. 

I am a Singer/Songwriter. I am an Entertainer. 

Listen to my Songs each one has a message. 

Come out and see me play, I like to play a variety of covers as well as my own original material. 

if you are interested in having me play at your venue 

or at your private party

contact me at 740-975-1075

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Music Calendar

Sell Out or Nah??? 

I have been a performer in my area for a while now. I am not working to put together a project and capture my sound. I want to say what I have to say in the songs. I am socially conscious and I always want to have a message in my music, BUT how do we do this in today's times. I feel like attention spans are shorter and shorter, are we supposed to be saying something with the music or just saying what people want to hear. It's near impossible for me to write and record songs that don't feel good to me. Like I have captured a message and the groove I long for. Do other artist struggle with this? Or should I go the way of cliche, watered down basic songs that can capture the attention of as many people as possible? I don't know, being another face in the Sea of Names feels wrong. Maybe I make what I want to make and only be heard by a few. OR I go the commercial route and hope to get something that goes viral or gets into a movie, series, or commercial.... It's one heck of a crossroads to be stuck at... I guess we will see!

Back to the Music 

Life is bigger than you and you are not me 

I think this week is a good week to really buckle down and focus on my goals

I want to do so much before my time here is done but I have not been making those things

a priority. 

Can I say that I know that God is Real and that I know the spirit allows us to have a say in out lives

the will give us what we ask for

so know what to ask for

Get your self together and stay ready 

so that when the doors and windows open up you are prepared to go through

I am working on securing my emotional, physical, and Mental foundation

working on  Positive times with the ones I love and who love me back

I want to know how I can help the world be a better place

more to come later have a great day!