My story is one of struggle and overcoming those struggles. I come from a rough background raised without a father, by a single mother in some of the worst areas of Northeast Ohio. I ran into trouble as a Juvenile and as an adult. I have experienced being locked up and being shot. Through it all I was able to pull from the good influences in my life such as my Grandfather, my Uncles and Aunts. I stayed open to all the environments I was exposed to, The Inner City, Small Town and Out in the Country. I was open to Street Gangs and as well as Skateboarding, Swimming and Boxing. I was able to be one of the few if not the only Black American in my area to receive a pardon from the Governor of Ohio. Now, I am a Teacher, A Self Taught Musician and Entertainer, as well as a Realtor. 

I would love to come and share my story with your audience in hopes of inspiring positive change. 

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